A Guide To Colombian Crystals 🇨🇴

January 22, 2021
A Guide To Colombian Crystals 🇨🇴
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Explore Colombia through our variety of Crystals and Gemstones. Colombian is a mineral rich country known for their emeralds and quartz. We specialize in large, high quality quartz clusters and points from mines across Colombia.

Needle Quartz or Singing Quartz

Found in La Belleza Santander, Colombia Needle Quartz is some of the rarest Quartz that grow like needles. They're highly sought after for their high pitching 'signing' or 'tinkling' sounds they make.

Colombian Needle Quartz Cluster

Lemurian Quartz

Known for their amazing clarity and barcode like ridges. Our Lemurians are from Santander, Colombia. 


Piedra de Rayo ⚡️ Spanish for lightning rocks. Colombianite is a rare form of tektite originally found by the Native Colombian Indians in Cauca River, Colombia. Tektite is formed as a result of a meteorite coming into contact with the Earth’s surface 🌎

Colombianite, Tektite from Colombia
Colombianite Tektite

White Tip Clusters

White Tip Quartz are also called Angel Tip Quartz. White tip clusters are from a small family owned mine in La Belleza Santander, Colombia. The white tips are caused by tremolite inclusions in the tip of the Quartz. 

White Tip Quartz Cluster

Red Quartz

Red Quartz, a very rare gemstone, was found while mining gold from Cauca, Colombia.

Green Quartz

Green Quartz, a very rare find in Colombia, is technically called Prasiolite. It is often incorrectly referred to as green amethyst, green citrine or vermarine.

Green Quartz from Colombia

Dragonite Jasper

Composed of Serpentine, Red Jasper and Quartz, Dragonite Jasper has beautiful swirls and colors of red and green.

Shamans Gold

Discovered in the Rio Cauca, Shamans Gold mainly consists of pyrite, an excellent grounding stone.Shamans Gold from Colombia

Mango Tip Quartz

A rich vibrant included Quartz with wisps of halloycite at the tip. Mango Tip Quartz are prized for their saturated 'mango' tips.

Mango Tip Quartz Cluster from Colombia


Pyrite from Chivor Mine, Colombia. It has an extremely high luster and a really unique dodecahedron, pyritohedron and isohedron shapes. 



Colombian Amber is mined in Cimitarra, Colombia. Our tumbled finishes show off their unique insect and natural plant inclusions. Here we show one with ants preserved with the amber.

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