Is Colombianite the 'New Moldavite'?

25 de marzo de 2021
Is Colombianite the 'New Moldavite'?
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What's so special about Moldavite?

With the increase in demand of Moldavite and a reduction in supply, getting your hands on a piece may be harder than ever. If you are unfamiliar with Moldavite, it is a tektite (naturally formed glass from meteorite impact with the Earth) from the Czech Republic. Tektite typically looks like bit of gravel, however they're usually completely transparent when placed agains a light source. Tektite from the Czech Republic is valued for their deep moss green color.

Tektites are heavily sought after and valued in bother spiritual and rock collecting communities. For spiritual and meditative practices, they are valued for their high energy and frequencies. Rock Collectors admire the unique flower or fern like texture of higher quality specimens.

What is Colombianite?

So now we know what tektites are, you will likely have an educated guess on what Colombianite is. Here at Colombian Crystals, we carry Colombianite, which is tektite found in Colombia. They are found on Native Colombian land in the Valle de Cauca by the Native Indians.

Like Moldavite, we have different grades and quality of Colombainite. Colombianite usually forms in different shapes varying to irregular seaglass-like smaller pieces to large round gravel like specimens. Our Museum Grade Specimens are round and evenly textured, our largest found specimen is around 3 inches in diameter. Our Colombianite has brown a hue, kind of similar to that of smoky quartz.

Colombianite Texture

Colombianite piece displaying the gravel like texture


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